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3/14/2018: Episode 103 "Put Us In A Room" is now available ya buddy guys!

2/28/2018: Episode 102 "You're Unsubscribed" is now available on iTunes, Stitcher and now Google Play Music! Also, you may have accidentally been unsubscribed due to RSS feed changes, simply re-subscribe and everything should be chill! Appreciate it, bud.

02/14/2018: THE HOMIES ARE BACK! THE HOMIES ARE BACK!! Episode 101 "When The Shevan Is A Knockin" is now available, BRUH. The "EPISODES" page has been updated with all of Season 1!!!

10/10/2017: Forgot to mention, Episode 96 "Breaking the Ice" is now available, along with the boys' new YouTube series, "Frienemies"!! Make sure to check it out!