no one deserves to be here more than me.

Nope, we didn't upload all of my LiveJournal entries into this blog I'm just really feeling this song right now. Both BK and I have been hard at work to bring ya'll some quality friendtertainment (get it... friendship? ...entertainment?) and we've left this blog a very empty corpse, so for no reason at all, I present to you, Siege's Top 5 Songs He Currently Is Feeling.


5.) Blacklisted - No One Deserves To Be Here More Than Me

California's been having a pretty on-again off-again relationship with storm weather and if you're on Facebook, you know everyone won't STFU about it. That gets me a bit ruffled under the feathers and Blacklisted is just the band to help keep 'em nice and ruffled. Do you like grating vocals screaming the truth of personal turmoil and outcasted feelings? Yup, it's 2003 all over again.

4.) Kid Cudi - Dat New New

A long time jam, only recently has it made itself back into rotation. You may remember Mr. Cudi from "Day N Night", the jam about being a stoner and cool as fuck? Well he is and so is this song. I don't know why I need to keep typing, just listen to it.

3.) ISIS - Celestial Tower

I've only recently (within the last 6 years) began getting into the weirdos of the metal world and ISIS, to me, are the hardest weirdos on the block. Everything about this song is off, almost abrasive and certainly headbang-worthy. I also recently bought a guitar and spend a lot of nights in the garage strumming out the main part while wearing Raider slippers and headbanging my dick off. Sue me. (also, not an endorsement for the Raiders, they sux LOL)

2.) Converge - You Fail Me

If you're a fan of metal, hardcore, punk, whatever the case may be you've heard of Converge. Jane Doe hoodie ring any bells? You hear about them for a reason, because they're cool as shit. Recently I've been spinning "You Fail Me" and "Jane Doe" and I gotta say, I'm glad I did. It's refreshing not having to answer to the cool police about being up on a band's material while it's relevant. Huzzah.

1.) Childish Gambino - All Yall

According to my iTunes playlist, I've played this song 147 times since it's been released. Personally, it's probably a glitch because I know I've listened to it WAY more times in my car than that. Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover use to be a personal hero and inspiration to perform stand up for me. Now he's a hipster in a white t-shirt who doesn't do stand up anymore. Donald Glover is dead. Long live Childish Gambino. The man may infuriate me with his departure from comedy but goddamnit can he make a catchy song.

That's it, thanks for bearing with me on that. I should probably get back to work. Probably...