Hopes for the future

First I wanna just take a moment to appreciate BK's earlier blog post, I fucking love Seven. Anyways, thought I'd hit whoever's reading this with some random hopes I had for the future for TFP

I want to get the chance to interview and interact with some of my heroes. I love having everyone and anyone on the show because it breaks down this illusion that we're an ACTUAL show and more just a forum for people who could be friends, to be friends. I'd like to experience that with people who inspired me to do what we're doing. I'd cut my dick clean off if that could happen.

I want more community involvement. Huge thanks to the small community we have currently of friends and new friends who keep listening and keeping up with our randomness. I'd like to have a true live show, invite everyone who wants to stand around for an hour and be drunk, high, etc with us.

Lastly, I want us to go down as a podcast that promoted friendship through insanity, hilarity and honesty. I've "promoted" for the show by handing out those buttons (that may soon be on sale, stay tuned for that), but it wasn't just for the one new listener. It was because whoever got that button showed that they're a friend, they have that same bond BK and I do with someone else and that's amazing. The button is a badge of that, it may have our faces and our information, but this is truly YOUR podcast, we're just the idiots talking between the funny stuff. So interact with us and we'll interact with you until there ain't no more interacting to do. I mean that.