TFP x DGS Network

I'm trying really hard to be cool by using that "x" nowadays, taking it back from the Straight Edgers. Anyways, this isn't about that, this is about an exciting new chapter for everyone here in Camp TFP. New friend Junior Bruce (host to about a million podcasts) recently launched a podcast network collecting a truly electric roster of shows called "Dirty Garage Studios" and asked dudes supreme if we wanted in. Knowing that Junior is no stranger to the podcast game and personally hearing his dedication and passion for this medium of entertainment, we'd be crazy not to join up! We're super stoked to work with Junior and company to build this up into something really special. What does this mean for you, faithful listener? It means you'll also be able to get our show on top of all the other awesome DGS shows through their "Motherfeed", which will have everything you could ever want. You'll still be able to get TFP the old fashioned way, so don't fret! For more information about the DGS Network, click the picture below!