Thank you for being a friend..

I'm writing this one on little sleep and a ton of coffee so hopefully it comes across the way I want it to. By now the finale is uploaded and has been making it's way around the ol' Internet, as Camp TFP gets time to breathe and focus up, I figured a traditional "thank up" post was in order. 50 episodes definitely isn't a milestone to some, but for two friends with drinking problems and nothing to actually talk about, I view it as something to celebrate. This season has been more of a guest season than last (which is amazing how many people trusted us JUST ENOUGH to come by with a buffer buddy to make sure there was a witness) and we talked to/befriended/bro'd-out/etc a gaggle of amazing people. We bonded, we drank, we laughed and we mocked the soundboard with complete strangers and came up with something special. To everyone who guest starred on the show, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and what thank you list would be complete without an actual list. So to these friends, thank you..

Mike V, Eben E.B Burgoon, Michael Finn, Bill Wallis, Edgar Granados, Eden, Addam Goard, Drew Walker, Dustin, Jeramie Clark, Terry "Not Crews" Zellars, Emma Haney, "Lyndzi",  Luke Soin, Lindsay "Partypants", Allison "Brainy Babe", Drew Walker, Junior Bruce, Dustin Benoit,  Shevaun, Dan Herrea, Jay Wheeler, Katie Hanson, Johnny Flores.

You all made Season 2 as dope as it could be, I appreciate all you do in your respective crafts and hope to have the honor to have you back on the show. So truly.. thank you for being a friend and we'll see ya in Season 3!!!