one year later... (and then some)

yes, we both forgot there was a blog attached to this site. this is what long term alcohol consumption does, so if you're looking to place blame you've got a target.

funny enough, this was a save draft from sept 10, 2016 that I never posted and decided to start it again just to get it out of the way. since our last "blog" update many things have happened; we've launched over 100 episodes, launched a YouTube channel ("Frienemies" if you haven't heard already) and probably have killed an impressive amount of brain cells doing so. 

I'm unsure what this blog is supposed to accomplish other than filling up space in a spot where hardly anyone reads but I'd again like to extend thanks out to anyone who's ever listened, shared or just mentioned our show to any one in their lives. We appreciate the time you give us and hope that you aren't (super) disappointed. thats it.