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S6:E132 - New Chair Champions

FINALLY, THE GUYS… HAVE COME BACK… to the actual studio. Nothing less than the best in this episode straight from Studio A; hot topics include BK’s Spooky Story Time, a brief update on Quest for the Cocktail and lil’ soundboard spice throws BK off his game. 

S6:E131 - Targeted Ads from God

We’ve all thought about it, the dudes are just bringing it to the forefront! Getting back into the normal, TFP-swing of things the guys decide to tackle some tough and exciting issues such as BK never listening to stuff he does for the show, the term “Stan” showing up everywhere and how Hawkeye should probably stick to shooting people with arrows. After the smallest Vodka Break in TFP history, BK sits down with Alaskan Bush People star Gabe Brown to chat about his life in Alaska much to Cj’s delight/dismay.

S6:E130 - Have It Your Way

BK officially climbs back into that comfortable co-pilot position as the boys dive deep into a solo you know only they could create! The fellas chat about how BK’s European jaunt, Cj gets weirdly self-defeating in an upbeat kind of way and they debate the lyrics of a song both have heard many times before. Of course, it wouldn’t be a TFP episode without games and this new one definitely fits within the wheelhouse of these two friendly fiends!

S6:E129 - Friendslacking

Seriously, we don’t even know how this is happening but another insightful take of friendship is had when Cj welcomes comedian/Forefather of Beercasting/friend of the show Ben Rice to help helm the co-hosting duties while BK remains away. They dive into making friends further down the road and the feelings it brings when trying to do the right thing. Just when they start getting into a groove, a surprise guest shakes everything up!

S6:E128 - Blinded by the King

BK is officially off the airwaves and it has Cj in his feelings! To help adjust, he brings his one of the founding members of B-Unit as well as one hell of a guy, Chris R from The Modest Podcast to help in co-hosting duties! Surprisingly, the fellows dive deep into their own personal friendship history as well as what it feels like when certain bonds begin fading away. A special guest calls in from far away and it’s a Jablinski affair in the land of “Shortcuts”.

S6:E127 - Spoilers from Us

Just to be absolutely clear, the title is just as it sounds WE TALK ABOUT THE MOVIE “Us” SO THERE ARE SPOILERS. Outside of that, the guys decide to try to actually talk about friendships and the different kinds we gravitate towards in our daily lives before diving into the same old dumb stuff they normally talk about. They try to do voices (again) to some pleasant surprises and we get a small backstory into Cj’s game retail history.

S6:E126 - A Stab At Friendship

We know it’s been awhile and we’re sorry for leaving you but the good news is… WE BACK, BABY! Recorded LIVE at the STAB! Comedy Theater at the 1st annual Sacramento Podcast Festival, the titans of friendship grip their microphones tightly and prepare to deliver the funny daily and nightly! BK’s dream becomes a nightmare as an old staple comes back in full force, the dudes adjust to having to deal with an actual audience and “Looking Back” makes Cj cringe, like real bad.



S5:E125 - Boiz Noize

This is it! The finale episode of Season 5 is here and you best believe your favorite internet friends are coming mad correct. Cj and BK are joined by podcast mainstay Russell “Honeybear” to catch up with the dudes about all things Russell as well as putting an ancient grudge to rest! On top of that, the group delivers a very strange and possibly concerning dream, courtesy of BK. WE OUT THIS THANG!

S5:E124 - New Year, New Us

Or at least that’s what the guys are telling themselves. The first episode of 2019 and something seems slightly off in the famed Friendship Studio, almost as if something else entirely is going on behind the microphones. Outside of that, the homies discuss what they’d like to achieve content wise in the new year and somehow end up talking about juggalos. 

S5:E123 - Jing Jing Jingalin’

It’s that special time of year once again where friendship towards our fellow man is the mission and these two FBI are determined to bring that spirit right! Everything is holiday coated, Cj almost alienates his family and stuck on not being able to decide on a game the boys end up writing the greatest holiday movie ever! Bonus content at the website, friends!!

S5:E122 - The Coziest One

Choose to believe or not but they legitimately had no choice. A forgetful intern at Siegetrain Productions forces the boys into Studio B A.K.A Echo Base and into yet another… comfy cozy episode. Determined to shake the stigmata surrounding these types of episodes they dive into off-the-wall topics such as adapting Captain Planet around Bruno Mars, wether or not they’d participate in the early stages of commercial space travel and a round of “Shortcuts” is played that honestly could have gone on forever.

S5:E121 - A History In Pop Punk

The guys are joined this week by returning champ and recently minted small business owner Jesse Jones of "STAB!" fame. They chat about the joys and challenges in setting up another haven for local comedy with the opening of STAB! Theater  as well as Cj making a pretty amazing analogy comparing it to others spot. In classic "Jam Slam" fashion, they bust out not one but TWO rounds of "Slangin' Grades". We boolin' out here!

S5:E120 - Scream for Memes

5 away from the finale and the dudes are already full of anticipation! Homies supreme drop their opinions on the cheeky film "The Meg", dive into the History of Memes and go a round of "Slangin' Grades" even though BK objects to the word! After that, Cj becomes mildly triggered when BK doesn't recall reworking "Unspoken Conversations" but from the ashes come... "Unspoken Frustrations"!!!

S5:E119 - Shockspooktoberfest

It's that spooky-ooky time of year the dudes ain't shy about talkin' about it! They chat it up about previous Halloween memories (and someone alienates his family), how modern television will soon be all reality shows and like an phoenix rising from the ashes, "Unspoken" comes back but... is a little different. Happy Halloween ya ghouls!

S5:E118 - BK Unleashed

Another classic episode which means a whole lot of bullshitting! Cj commits to the bits "old school" style much to the surprise of BK, the guys talk about new business such as how've they been. As always, a new game is brought into the fold and one of the besties keeps second guessing himself.

S5:E117 - 2 Comf

You’ve heard them at their chillest now hear them at their comfiest! The sequel to “Comfy Cozy”, the guys legit fall into some amazing topics such as Antivaxxers, some Jersey Shore Reunion talk and Cj rants about a situation that’s completely in his own head. They try to think of a new game but end up just getting kind of sleepy. It’s still a banger, tho.

S5:E116 - The One After CrockerCon

Dudes supreme dive into their experience at the most recent CrockerCon convention at the Crocker Art Museum, as well as reminisce about past episodes and games they never can remember. After the break, they come correct with not one but TWO “Unspoken Conversations” that are so topical it’ll make your head spin.

S5:E115 - The One Before CrockerCon

The homies are lone wolves this week before heading to local Sacramento Comic Con-like experience "CrockerCon" with their Let's Play YouTube channel "Frienemies"! What does this mean for you, the loyal listener? They argue about what Fergie actually says on "I'ma Be", BK checks his emails on air and a generous offer is given to any fan wanting to come see them live at CrockerCon. Of course the boys manage to squeeze in fan favorite "Slangin' Grades" and wrap it up with a lengthy revisiting of their former ping pong glory. CrockerCon is September 13th in Sacramento, CA at the Crocker Art Museum.

S5:E114 - Knack 2

Homies supreme Cj and BK are joined by local radio personality and Game Of The Year winner Nick "Big Knack 2" to talk about all things recording as well as share some laughs along the way. Other hot topics include BK bragging about getting Twitter verified, a website that rates Fairy Tales a la Rotten Tomatoes and the gang busts out a fairly lengthy and weirdly thought provoking game of "Instahandles". They also remember right away how to play it so... awesome.

S5:E113 - Ward Up

The boys are joined by author Kyler Waller to talk about his upcoming book "Ward", a story set in a post-apocalyptic version of Sacramento that also happens to deal with mental illness and how's it handled in our society. While it sounds insanely serious, don't fret because your favorite internet homies make sure to remind ya'll just exactly what podcast you're listening to.

S5:E112 - Friendship 2

BK rants about sequels, Cj rants about the future and they both do a pretty good job at navigating Brad Pitt's complicated roles over the years in a fresh game of "Shortcuts".

S5:E111 - Shady Bishes

Ya two favorite internet boiz are joined by Cj's old GameStop co-worker and vivd Wastelander, Summer to the show! They get all up into their friendship history while stumbling upon some new and interesting tid bits about the self proclaimed "Swag Ninja". And if that isn't enough for you, Point of Origin comes mad correct and a show wide game of "Is It A Jam?" starts soft but ends up hard.

S5:E110 - Legally Spiritual

In a show first, Cj attempts to get BK to alienate his family for the hundredth time to surprising results as they discuss BK's heritage. The boys butt heads over what is and isn't "slam poetry", come up with another new game which quickly goes off the rails and BK ends the show on an ominous note.

S5:E109 - Three Degrees of Siege

Cj embarks on a quest to find his own replacement to the iconic "Friendship Cocktail" which leads the boys into the dreaded.. Studio B. Perhaps a bit too comfortable, they "look back" on their humble podcasting beginnings with fond memories and take things to.. well, you should listen for yourself.

S5:E108 - Graphic In Nature

The episode you may or may not have been waiting for finally arrives! Long time friend of the show and Sacramento's own Johnny "J Floor" Flores joins the guys to get all sorts of chummy! We find out what our boy Floor has been up to since last appearing on the show, get some exclusive info on the fate of "Serious Talk, Seriously" and wrap with a classic game that isn't even theirs!

S5:E107 - 7th Grade Humor

The guys may be going insane... either that or they just don't know what to do with themselves anymore! On this episode they welcome themselves as guests (much to BK's delight), talk a lot about gross stuff you probably don't want to hear and they make up for last week's episode's lack of "Point of Origin" with... Point of Origin!

S5:E106 - PC Pals

The guys tap into all of their internet friendship magic and pull from it a blast from Cj's past! Twitch Streamer Supreme Lulaboo "Aracely" Falula joins up with the boys to talk all sorts of things such as how amazing Cj was at tanking in World of Warcraft, insight on running a Twitch channel and does all kinds of bonding with BK! Afterwards, the homies lone wolf a round of "Slangin' Grades" because they actually forgot what they were going to do for "Point of Origin". It's a cyberweb sensation!!

S5:E105 - Fiery Friendship

The homies decide to pay homage to one of their favorite YouTube shows, "Hot Ones" and attempt to do a mini Hot Ones challenge while recording! During the wing-pocolypse, they discuss if they would be friends back in middle school (and also what actually defines middle school) along with all the nostalgia that comes with it. After BK wows the audience with his razor sharp memory of childhood names, they take "Unspoken Conversation" off the shelf and breathe new life into it with some incredible nerd rage. It's a tough one!

S5:E104 - Pleasantries

This week you're in for a surprise.. BECAUSE WE HAVE A GUEST! Dan Vanderpool joins the best buddies on the Internet to talk about his friendship history with Cj, Nu Metal and a shit ton of wrestling. The homies dive into a pretty impressive round of "Point of Origin" and come up with possibly the best fantasy celebrity wrestling match in the history of the world. GET IN THE PIT AND LISTEN TO THIS ONE!

S5:E103 - Put Us In A Room

The guys come to a realization that they may very well be creative geniuses. Hot topics include: more discussion on "Ready Player One", both book and movie; guest episodes versus lone wolf episodes and through an impressive brainstorm session an old bit gets a brand new name. Plus we changed the outro!! (WARNING: LAST JEDI SPOILERS ARE IN THIS EPISODE)

S5:E102 - You're Unsubscribed

Not just a clever title, you may actually have to resubscribe after this one! Your internet homies supreme return to "solo" form in a show minus a guest but adds in a bunch of nonsense such as BK proclaiming Season 5 as the "profresh" season, reviewing how they spent their break away from the podcasting airwaves and engage in probably the best round of "Shortcuts" ever. It's all on you, baby.

S5:E101 - When The Shevan Is A Knockin

While it may have been tough getting through the last few months without your favorite Internet boys, rest assured they come back with nothing short of excellence. Season 5 kicks off real live as fan favorite Shevaun and her hubby Sean join the fellas for their usual reindeer games! "Friendship Levels" stick around for a bit, we get an update on what Shevaun has been up to since her historic appearance on the show with beautiful commentary provided by Sean. The second half of the show comes correct with a refreshing game of "Are You 'Bout It?" and BK gets filled with "holiday" spirit and gets the gang into a discussion on Upper/Downer love songs. WE BACK, BABY!!!



S4:E100 - Friends for Eternity

Season 4 Finale, Hundo Episode... whatever you call it, the one thing you can't deny is how EXPLOSIVE the friendship is in this one. The dudes supreme "Look Back" on all of their accomplishments over the last few years, old standbys coming out of retirement and a ton of singing you may or may not agree with. Cj finally makes good with a brand new "Looking Back" for BK to pick a part, "Friendship Levels" storm the gates from beyond the grave and they sign off on 100 episodes with a heartfelt thank you. FRIENDS. FOR. ETERNITY.

S4:E99 - C O L A

Closing in on the season finale, the boys start to get semi nostalgic in reminiscing of outros past. Outside of that sappy nonsense, the guys talk about the term "head" and if it applies to both male and female uses which leads into a weirdly insightful conversation about the language we use as a society. After, they try to make up a new game and unsurprisingly get no where plus special guest D.M.X makes an appearance to cover the Golden Girls theme!! 

S4:E98 - Comfy Cozy

We're nearing the end of the Season 4 and the homies are gettin' real comfortable with this one! Comin' at you straight from the couches, Cj and BK bring you the most comfortable episode you've ever heard! Hot topics include Cj stressing out about a Postmates order, BK's upset with no new entries into "Are You 'Bout It?" and in classic TFP fashion, "Unspoken" rears it's ugly head and it's... not so pretty.

S4:E97 - Hot Takes

The guys attempt to get all kinds of political only to come up short in a little thing called the "details". A whole new arrangement of studio furniture brings powerful conversational energy like Cj being too sensitive about BK's Rocket League play habits, another attempt at an art contest on air turns into mild plagiarism and "Shortcuts" comes back in style but also with a twist!

S4:E96 - Breaking the Ice

After some mild confusion over the last episode, your favorite duo representing the best of friendship storm the gates hard with tangents and nonsense like you wouldn't believe! Hot topics include Cj not knowing what episode they're on but acting like he does, possible suicide scenarios if they were to do it (spoiler they wouldn't) and BK coughs a whole lot. "Point of Origin" is.. well, on point and a long lost game involving music is forcibly brought back to the main stage just to die a horrible death.

S4:E95 - Big Mac Math

Welcome to Edition 50 of The Modest Podcast! We've got a very special episode for the big five oh and boy do we have some surprises in store for our faithful listeners.  This certainly will be one of the books.

Voicemail/Text: +19167412206


S4:E94 - Nothing But Nut

The march towards Episode 100 continues and the path is littered with tangents, sidebars and off-the-wall antics! Your friends chat about "Untitled Project 47", how the studio mics pick up BK's beard scratches and revisiting the classic film "That Thing You Do". The games be on point for this one, yo. SIX AWAY FROM DA HUNDO!

S4:E93 - Too Much Hype

Following a successful run of a bunch of guests, these two lone wolves get all kind of riled up for a solo episode for the ages. The duo sets up the highest expectations only to dash them in only a way they can but in between manage to discuss such things as BK not feeling the upcoming "Ready Player One" film, opinions on farmer's markets and CJ possibly gets too gross for iTunes. Plus Unspoken Conversations, so yeah.

S4:E92 - "Extra Drippy"

The boys are joined by Kryun, Ricky and Larry of Big Tree Comics and damn near all hell breaks loose! Bros supreme spend some time getting to know these comical fellas through "Whatchu Into?". A tag team interview effort by the guys dives deeper into the history ofthe company as well as the bond these three share through working to put out some kick ass comics! In a rare event, a term in "Are You 'Bout It" is voted down unanimously but makes the cut to be an episode title. 

S4:E91 - "See Mo Evil (Part 2)"

In the second half of the duo's second ever two part event, the gang dives further into Anthony's journalistic background to pull some juicy nuggets on his stance on the future of the medium. "Oddcasts" continues bringing up more questionable topics and in the end it seems like Anthony gives away the secret for becoming his best friend.

S4:E90 - "Siino Evil (Part 1)"

With 10 episodes left in the season, you better bet your bottom dollar your two Internet dwelling pals are pulling out all the stops. The duo welcomes Anthony Siino, assistant editor at Sacramento News and Review and all around charming rude dude with attitude. In a budding friendship that has to be spread between two episodes the guys chat about their "Serious" mutual friend, BK's brief stint as a crack investigative reporter and a whole heap of tangents not even the most devoted fan could follow. Are you a bad enough fan to get through Part 1 or 2?!

S4:E89 - "Catscratch Fever"

Madness and chaos are abound as 2nd most frequent guest, Johnny Flores joins the boys for some good old fashion tomfoolery! They get musical, they get kinda political and they even get funny at times. We'll try harder next time, swear.

S4:E88 - "Natural Ability"

Your two favorite internet weirdos are demonstrating their natural friendship ability all over this place in this one! Modern rap, The Leftovers and what could have been if they put forth way more than their natural ability. A new game is born and with that, the greatest detective/alternative musician tv show of all time is hashed out. It just doesn't get much better than this, ya'll.

S4:E87 - "2 Chill"

Balance is restored to the show as BK makes his triumphant return after a brief absence from the show and comes with some heat of his own towards the fan favorite Honeybear. Outside of that, "Whatchu Into?" turns strangely aggressive, the dudes get fairly serious in discussing if they've achieved their original mission statement (again) and they hit that ignition to light a "fire" in the latest "Are You Bout It". Sure does feel good to be home.

S4:E86 - "Blackest Knight"

Take everything you thought you ever knew about this show and throw it out the gosh darn window! A special co-host joins one half of the greatest friendship ever known to discuss such topics as Sir Lancelot's possible dirty deeds, lyrics about friendship and Sheryl Crow's back catalog. Just when you thought you couldn't be more entertained, this unique duo tackle "Point of Origin" with such grace you'd put it in your will. IT'S MURDAAAAAAA.

S4:E85 - "We Never Finish A Thing"

The bros decide to start the show off in high gear with a special twist to "Whatchu Into?". Naturally, sidebars lead into discussions of accuracy in character traits, mid season finales and other general nonsense. Then, in the truest form imaginable a new game takes shape, "Point of Origin" after a heated conversation about their inability to finish, anything. Nuck if you buck!

S4:E84 - "Chatty Kathies"

The show is turned on it's head when Cj shows how petty he can by going an entire episode sans soundboard. What follows is the oddest hour of TFP history! No games, no bits just sweet conversations with a side order of tangents. Just how you like it! 

S4:E83 - "All Aboard The Bit Train"

One lucky fan wins a contest that never occurred to see a live taping of the show! In honor of this, your favorite online compadres decide to do the one thing never thought possible, execute all their bits. So buckle up tight and have those tickets ready, you're going off the rails on the Friendship Express!

S4:E82 - "Hairy Fog Clouds"

Get ready to receive a plus 1 counter to friendship as the homies welcome local Magic: the Gathering maverick and awesome friend guy Inari to the show! The trio dive into Inari's roots of MTG as well as getting to know a little more about the handsome mage. "Uniquename" makes a very strange appearance and as always, Cj and BK fight too much.

S4:E81 - "I Want You To Nancy Kerrigan"

IT'S FINALLY BACK! Looking Back makes an official return that no one can deny and that's something. In rare fashion, the brahs actually manage to have a decent conversation on the topic of fake friends thanks to Drake. In the fiery forge of the second half of the show, a new idea for a game is ran through the gauntlet and comes out clean on the other side. Cj can't talk and BK gets weird.

S4:E80 - "George Lucas Had Jungle Fever"

This week the boys get real nerdy with it! "Whatchu Into?" not only gets it's own theme but also leads into a lengthy discussion of the current state of co-op games and even offer a biting commentary on the financials involved with the industry (not really). "Looking Back" peaks it's ugly head into the mix before another round of "Are You 'Bout It?" sparks that familiar controversy you've come to know and love! IT'S WHAT YOU CRAVE.

S4:E79 - "Django"

Immediately after failing one of their main goals for 2017, the homies supreme bring you a classic episode for the history books! The boiz chat about their current interests in new segment "Whatchu Into?", the history of segments in general is discussed and the old favorite that has swept the nation, "Shortcuts" comes back strong. It's a real raw dawg of an episode.

S4:E78 - "Totes Dakotes"

Your favorite homies for life are joined by local comic creator, friend of the show and all-around awesome guy, Eben E.B Burgoon! The gents discuss what Eben's been up to since his last appearance, their mutual love of all things Dan Harmon and the proper way to use socks. From the ashes of a previous hot topic, two games are forged from the fire in the form of "Nah Dawg" and "Instahandles". It's the perfect episode to kick off... 2017!

S4:E77 - "The Holiday One"

These two giants of friendship find themselves smack dab in the middle of a holiday special without even knowing it! They quickly try to be the most PC podcast around and fail miserably. Favorite holiday items are discussed, "Unspoken" makes an unexpected appearance and for the last banger of 2k16, they retire an old classic.

S4:EP76 - "No More Friends"

Our world as we know it is in peril, in these times of desperation the population looks for a hero to save them from the coming darkness... AND THEY GET 'EM TWO FOLD! BK and CJ explode back onto the podcast airwaves with a season opener that even our former President would be about! The guys recap what they did over the break, immediately break into unrelated tangents and then get super aggro in "Get Off My Lawn". All this and even the triumphant return of the soundboard makes it an episode you won't soon forget!



S3:E75 - "This Is The End"

The moment has finally arrived, all the mystery and back alley dealings have led up to this, the identify of Theo is finally revealed! The boys are unexpectedly joined by 2nd most frequent guest of the show, Johnny Flores to help uncover the shroud of mystery surrounding TFP's most notable intern! On top of all this, you get the same insanity that you thirst for in a classic season finale for the books!

S3:E74 - "Pre Burn"

Season 3 is almost over but there's still one more thing left to do before it's all said and done... the annual Burning Man episode!! The boys call upon the show's Burning Man expert, Russell "Honeybear" and they welcome a new challenger into the fold, Skyhawk! The gang gets into BM past, present and future as well as the guests' prior experience on the Playa but in classic TFP fashion, everyone gets derailed. They talk about their own personal Batmans, a brand new Vodka Break song is forged and Get Off My Lawn proves nothing is sacred. Also, all the technology in the studios fails, #sorrynotsorry

S3:E73 - "Somebody Once Told Me"

Nearing the end of Season 3, the duo of maximum friendship seem to be falling on hard times, guest wise. Regardless, they stoke the fire of conversation and are rewarded by such topics as what would you do to get with Beyonce, accidentally texting the wrong person and which character in the film "The Craft" they identify with. Classic bit "Unspoken" shows up in unlikely form as the guys try to set up to "Door Dash" delivery people and then act out what it would have been like. SOME-BAHDY ONCE TOLD ME. 

S3:E72 - "Peccadilles"

We're getting closer to the end of the season and the weirdness keeps on coming! After unexpectedly having their guest drop, the boys come with it hard in a #lonewolf episode that is one for the ages. The long standing quest for an opening bit may finally prove useful in "Friendstips", the first ever "live" vodka break goes down as well as a whole lot of alcohol. Other topics include: naming rights to "Homie Harmonies" (again), more bits than you can shake a stick at and that jovial banter you've come to know and love from your two favorite alcoholics.

S3:E71 - "Friendship, Love, Unity Respect

Come get your "FLUR" on with the boys as they welcome music producer Neil Douglas once again to the TFP stage! You get an in depth conversation on Electronic Dance Music or "EDM", recall the last time these three compadres were together and they even get into some games. Within all this friendliness and banter, has the show been infiltrated by a familiar enemy?! 

S3:E70 - "The Fury of Friendship"

Has the lack of guests on the show finally gotten to your two bestest of friends? Tension runs high as the guys go head to head over the reigning hotbed of all topics; Get Off My Lawn. Before anger and rage wash over the show, we're treated to delightful conversation topics such as a visit to BK's hometown and interacting with the fam, the current climate for the homeless in Sacramento as well as calling out fan favorite "Honeybear" for his poor choice of words. IT'S LIT, FAM.

S3:E69 - "Wine 'Em, Dine 'Em"

SPOILER ALERT! THIS EPISODE CONTAINS "X-Men Apocalypse" SPOILERS but that's not all! The greatest duo of friendship the world has ever know also bring you amazing topics like: would you sacrifice yourself for your penis? The integration of TV Shows into the Cinematic Universes of both DC and Marvel and a whole new bit pops up in the form of "Totally Topical"! All Hail The Beantro.

S3:E68 - "Book Ends"

Some strange going-ons are happening at TFP HQ and not all of them are welcomed! These lone wolves suffer through a limited soundboard featured episode but push through to bring you some noice, delicious podcasting gold. The homies chat about changing ethnicities via alien technology, unveiling the secret meaning behind "getting into my sexuality" and Cj's charisma almost ruins the show. A tight fifteen minute episode.

S3:E67 - "Barley and Friends"

The boys secure one Hell of a get with local comedian and host of the "Barley & Me" podcast, Ben Rice! These rude dudes with attitude discuss all kinds of music, BK attempts to put CJ into the interview chair and fails plus a lot of tangents and rambling that everyone may or may not remember. It's a damn fine episode of podcasting gold.

S3:E66 - "Technical Difficulties, For Real"

It's been awhile but the winds of technology messing up are blowing strong for the boys in the latest episode. Discussions of time travel and the immediate effects of changing it are brought up, the new multiplayer freshness that is "The Division" comes up and "Get Off My Lawn" continues to be a hot bed for intense debate. Fun fact; no guest.

S3:65 - "Brother 2 Brother"

Just when you thought BK had alienated his entire family, a new challenger enters the fray! This week the homies welcome BK's real life brother, Erik to the show to get into a whole lot of nonsense. Cj finally gets an answer as to why the mix of the show doesn't sound as good in Erik's truck, they talk about old school jock jams as well as what childhood was like for the brothers Kohler. It's a real heart-warmer of a show.

S3:E64 - "Calm Eddy Takeover"

Gaze into the fire created by some of the craziest underground comedians this side of the American River. Your favorite tag-team of friendship are joined by Jason Anderson, Edgar Granados and Bill Wallis aka "Calm Eddy" to discuss a gauntlet of topics such as: the new Civil War trailer, how five people on microphones can get a little hectic and their return to the show after the prolific episode, "Bramble Ramble". Shortcuts makes an appearance and the Calm Eddy guys brings some games of their own to the stage. BRUCE WILLIS AND SOBIESKI HAVE NO ASSOCIATION WITH THE FRIENDSHIP PODCAST and/or SIEGETRAIN PRODUCTIONS. 

S3:E63 - "We Tried, Guys."

With the guest chair empty this week, the homies CJ and BK are rolling #lonewolf on this spectacular episode! A whole lot of nothing is discussed before getting into a possible continuation of Breaking Bad. The dudes admit that their lack of talent in the impressions department may be due to their non-commitment to bits and we're pretty sure they played a game or two, totally unsure. The spiritual successor of "Don't Unsubscribe".

S3:E62 - "Diversifying Your 401k, A How To"

It's about to get down right financially frightening as the humble homies welcome CEO and President of Hypno-Skull Comics, Mr Paul Allen to the mayhem! No actual financial advice is given but what you do get is top notch interview skills from the boys that include topics such as Paul's artistic inspirations, his own book "BrAiNs" as well as his own taste in underground comics. The group of great friends finish strong with a spectacular round of "Shortcuts" and even collaborate on the outro! It's time to get spooky, yo!

S3:E61 - "Jam Slam"

Your favorite lone wolves are bringing some new blood into the pack by welcoming local funny man and handsome fellow Jesse Jones to the show. They dive into Jesse's roots and inspirations in comedy as well as some of his favorite acts but before long the insanity creeps through in the form of "Jam Slam 2016". New slang is explored in "Get Off My Lawn" and none of the guys can correctly name a Globetrotter off the top of their heads. Enjoy!

S3:E60 - "$ellout"

In classic TFP fashion, the boys release the first episode of 2016 but recorded it on the last day of 2015! Join in on the fun as these two dudes with attitude talk Best New Years Eve Memories, the dreams of selling out, big time, and for the first time ever an argument breaks out during "Shortcuts". If you think you're going to start your New Year without your two best buds, YOU'RE DEAD WRONG!

S3:E59 - "Burning Gold"

Another #lonewolf episode for the history books! The two commanders of comradery give it everything they've got in this jam packed episode. There appears to be a techno ghost haunting the first half of the recording, but that doesn't stop some hot topics like a heated debate on "inflatable hoes", Cj's new-found love for the 6 God himself and they dive head first into newcomer to the Bits Gang, "Get Off My Lawn". All this and much, much more await you in this episode! GET ON IT!

S3:E58 - "All Alpha, No Beta"

Your favorite duo of friendship are in rare form for what may be the greatest #lonewolf episode in TFP history. The dudes start it off slow with topics such as how awesome the self-titled Third Eye Blind album really was and how well they can sing their favorite songs but things escalate quickly by way of the Alpha Bits. Older bits are given their proper funeral and a newer, more dope bit arises from the ashes. Strap in for impact!

S3:E57 - "Best There Ever Was"

These lone wolves are coming direct from off site recording studio "Mesh Bear Fizz" and they're bringing a double shot of nerd to the show! They welcome Johnny and Ernie from "Return of the Nerd" podcast and talk about interesting topics like Ernie's fake ass jeans, the return of Jncos/Pipes and a true connection is made in a dark, dark time. Pull up a stool and get ready to drink your weight in friendship!

S3:E56 - "The Friendship Awakens"

Star Wars fever grips everyone at TFP HQ and you're invited to listen in on the fun! After bringing normality to the show with new opening bit "Affirmative Friendship Action" and covering topics such as: getting back to basics, BK sleeping on the Star Wars Battlefront Beta and chard not getting enough play the wolves of friendship pull off the greatest (and longest) Unspoken Conversation giving you an inside look at Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Foley artists eat your heart out.

S3:E55 - "A Tight One Thirty Seven"

This episode proves that if it's one thing the dudes don't have, it's restraint. The "lone wolves" quickly dive into many a crazy tangent but quickly get back on path with revisiting the "Console War" discussion to see what happened after the dust settled and to talk about what game they would make if they could. A new game is introduced, "Storytellers" which BK hates and they bring back "Half Cocked News". It's kind of sloppy.

S3:E54 - "The Greatest Story Never Told"

Hot off their most recent live event, the dudes supreme attempt to get back to some normalcy but are quickly "interrupted" by fan of the show and sister to podcast brethren Johnny Flores, Erin. Cj abruptly drops the bit and they get right into some tangents including an inside family joke that never gets explained and some other shit. The soundboard shines bright with this one.

S3:E53 - "Seven Thirty Friendship"

The boys are coming live from CrockerCon 2015 and they are bringin' a ton of new faces! After quickly devoting to no guests, Cj invites a ton of colorful cosplayers into the mix. Conversations are had on and off microphone, an overall "Star Wars" theme is detected and everything you've come to love about the show is questioned.

S3:E52 - "Hobo Fire and Chill"

Welcome to the first Lone Wolves episode of season 3. The Dudes catch up on what they did during the summer, talk dick jerking, discuss #weirdshitfriendsdo with a Haim or Feldman scale and get settled back in to show.

S3:E51 - "Find Your Arc"

Grab the squad and pull out the vodka because the boys are back....again! Season 3 of The Friendship Podcast kicks off with the returning friend Eben E. B. Burgoon to discuss the launch of B-Squad: Soldiers of Misfortune! You know you missed us.



S2:E50 - "It's Called... Two Friends"

Grab your Cool Cloth for the Season 2 Finale of The Friendship Podcast. The Dudes rock it out solo for the finale to give you maximum friendship. On a 24 hour no sleep bender expect some singing and non stop tangents.

S2:E49 - "Mexican Radio"

In season 2 penultimate episode The Boys welcome Creative Director of SN&R, Priscilla "PG" and her homie Jorge to the studio. The long time friends nail Homie Harmonies better than CJ and BK ever could as well as take us on a "Shortcuts" journey with Jim Carrey coming to the first ever fork in the road in the game.

S2:E48 - "Nutz To Butz"

Your favorite twosome welcome Johnny Flores of local Sacramento podcast, "Serious Talk, Seriously" to the show. He takes a break from all the serious talk and we get down to becoming best friends! Johnny hits us with words we don't understand, gets down on some "Oddcasts" and brings mad funny to the table! Sit back and enjoy! 

S2:E47 - "Pure Content"

Hold on to your butts. This week your favorite gents welcome Content Creator Extraordinaire Dan Herrera and his Entourage Jay and Katie. We learn their friendship background and introduce a new game "Oddcasts" and close it all out with a hearty Unspoken.

S2:E46 - "Rx Friendship"

Your prescription for a healing dose of friendship is ready as we welcome comedian Giuliana Gabrielli and PHD Curtis Fisher to the show. Learn of this funny woman's comedy history and enjoy a round of "Shortcuts" with a twist ending! Plus a bunch of hip hop.

S2:E45 - "At The Internet"

This is what its like when worlds collide. We're joined by CinePLEXED hosts Junior Bruce and Dustin Benoit. Many a good time is had as CJ finally gets a freestyle buddy. An epic Short Cuts and you'll never need to hear the rules to Homie Harmonies again!

S2:E44 - "Friendship Fusion"

This Week Brothers CJ and BK welcome CJ's UNO friend Shevaun to the show. The first annual TFP quiz is held. There may or may not be rap libs, things get all sorts of musical.

S2:E43 - "TFP Live! at Nerd Night"

It's a special live event and the whole TFP Family is on board! Comin' at you from Nerd Night this past February, the gang strives to bring you podcasting at its finest. Drew Walker makes an official appearance on the show to discuss how the event started, Cj comes in a lil' hot for the event and a whole mess of fan favorites jump on the mic to bring the LOLs. Not as long as Bramble Ramble!

S2:E42 - "Bourbon and Friends!"

In their most sophisticated episode to date The Bourbon Buds welcome Bourbon Babes Alison and Lindsey to the show. Learn all things bourbon including history, chewing and what to expecting from the body and tastes travelling down your throat. We also learn about The Bourbon Babes non-organization and get hit with the best Homie Harmonies yet.

S2:E41 - "Dingholes"

Welcome to the world post-"Dingholes" being invented. Phrase creator Luke Soin joins the podcast to talk about his YouTube channel, "Epic Tiki" and his comedy career. We also experience a lot of "pop talk" AKA pop culture talk and witness the greatest Unspoken since Raphael and Casey Jones.

S2:E40 - "An Array of Friendship"

The Dudes welcome Jeramie and Terry from "An Idiots Array" to the show. They find out the motivation behind starting the series and the gang comes correct with two of your favorite segments! Unspoken and Shortcuts!!

S2:E39 - "Put You In My Playlist"

This week on "the cast" CJ and BK welcome Sacramento Comedian Emma Haney and her friend Lynzi. We delve into some wicked short cuts, briefly discuss a vitamin C shower head and Is that a new hit song? Probably not.

S2:E38 - "Can You Show Me Your Jam?"

This week BK's oldest friend stops by to dig into their sorted and creative past. We get to mull over some Half Cocked News and we double down on Short Cuts. All this and more on the last episode of The Friendship Podcast for 2014!!

S2:E37 - "Structurally Sound"

This Soulful Brother episode of The Friendship Podcast finally brings some damned structure. Feel delighted by a Nerd Corner, some Half Cocked News and a time bending edition of Shortcuts. Plus a special Vodka Break Easter Egg!

S2:E36 - "Solo Bolo Brolo Flo Lo"

In the last episode of the 3rd studio the boys bring-o you-o a solo bolo. We've got Homey Harmonies, Half Cocked News, Short Cutz and a new segment we're forced to call What about Bob? Get ready for a comedy packed episode of Podcast the Friendship!

S2:E35 - "The Counselor"

Time for some healing. This week the boys get some counseling from returning guest Eden. We learn as much as we can about photography from photographer Addam and YAY! its the return of Short Cuts as well as BOO! the death of Uniquenames (maybe not, we don't know)

S2:E34 - "Bramble Ramble"

It's a long one folks. CJ and BK go on an Excellent adventure with Bill and Ed. We've got improv, comedy, Halloween stories, girlfriends boobs and a whole lot more we can't remember on this episode of TFP.

S2:E33 - "Workshop 3.9"

You're welcome. No guest this episode just like you like it. This episode is coming to you cold, out the asshole cellar. Get ready to hear CJ's interview skills. A little behind the scenes workshop ideas and we even got time for some games.

S2:E32 - "Forever Burned"

We've got Honeybear Russell and Theresa on the cast. With MC Mystery in the background. Your burning Burning Man questions are answered this episode. Did BK attend, what kind of tales will he tell. None, he didn't go, he did dream though so there's that.

S2:E31 - "Rare Condition"

Sharpen Your Bolo Knives and Tighten your Bolo Ties its a Solo Bolo episode of The Friendship Podcast. It's the Freedom weekend and we're gonna have us some fun. We've got a living room recording featuring recording artist Tajif Thieme. Sit back and enjoy.

S2:E30 - "Friendship Squad"

Siege and BeeK welcome Eben E.B. Burgoon to discuss his comic book "B-Squad: Soldiers of Misfortune" Also in Studio is Letterer of "B-Squad" Michael Finn. Learn all about creating a comic book, funding through kickstarter and are Uniquenames here to stay?

S2:E29 - "Uniquename"

Overcoming great technical difficulty, the gents are forced into another Solo Bolo. They discuss the top 5 friendship acts. Controversy over how to play "Shortcuts" arrises and is this the end of Friendship Levels? Now they they've got...Uniquenames.

S2:E28 - "Less Than"

The Boys are on their own this week discussing 4 friends near and dear to their hearts and their mixed feelings on TMNT (2014). The resurrection of "Unspoken Conversation", Cj's new side gig and a new game is introduced called "Shortcuts".

S2:E27 - "Hella Confident"

An action packed episode of The Friendship Podcast featuring Comedian Mike V. We learn about Mike's entry into comedy, BK slips in more The Purge talk, and epic Rap battles ensue. 

S2:E26 - "Jumper"

The Boys are back in town! Welcome to Season 2 of The Friendship Podcast. CJ and BK return in fine form for their first “Live” episode. They get right down to the nitty gritty discussing friendships with celebs, breaking the law, “The Purge” and more!

S2:SPECIAL - "Summah Purvue"

all play and no work make CJ and BK the dopest. by that we mean they're both dopes.


S1:E25 - Ta Life

Take a puff of your Marlboro E-Cigarette and relax, we got a double dragon situation here. We welcome long time listeners Slarpy and Jeff to get Season One feedback. Also...Mario Kart, Ping Pong, A Surprise Guest and more on the TFP Season 1 Finale

S1:E24 - Book Of Eden

The episode that changes everything. We welcome Eden to the podcast with her jovial "agent" Buster to discuss appearance terms. Eden clears up nothing about CJ's dark past except his questionable style. More family alienation is had and love might blossom.

S1:E23 - Don't Wait Up

In another fine installment of The Friendship Podcast your two favorite gentlemen "save" a possibly ruined show. There are raplibs, movie talk, friendship pet peeves, quality entertainment and maybe even two surprise guest! guests.

S1:E22 - Protocast TM

The Boys welcome two of CJ's old pals this week, Ricky and Chris. They talk about their upcoming podcast The Modest Podcast. Old battles are brought up, viewer questions are answered and general tom foolery is had.

S1:E21 - Bootsy Beverages

In another solo joint one of The Dudes is off the friendship cocktails but not off his friendship game. A plethora of topics are discussed such as: Looking Back, Bootsy Beverages, Favorite Arcade Games, Road Trips, The New TMNT Movie and that IT life.

S1:E20 - Staying Firm in the Rain

The Fellas welcome Artist Namon Little to the podcast this week. He manages to stay firm as CJ rains down mad rhymes in Rapping Mad Libs. The greatest movie ever is concieved during Unspoken, lastly Namon and BK discuss a frienship that could have been.

S1:E19 - Goin' Dumb on the Aggro Crag

In CJ's drunkest episode yet, guests "Serial Killer" Spencer and "Ruskie" Tanya stop by to discuss their friendship origins. BK gets one year older while recording. CJ inhales his microphone and the gang hash out the Top 5 Friendship Jams.

S1:E18 - Set it Off

In case you were wondering the boys do Set it off. A debate about the friendzone and what it is. We get a nerd corner on superhero movies. A joint top 5 list of the friend movies is made and another mystery has developed by "Looking Back"

S1:E17 - Don't J the M like a D

Like two fingers in the small pocket of your jeans The Boys get real awkward. In the quest to find CJ's voice...enter Rex. Memories of Birthdays past and present are brought up, and unexpectedly The Guys get played off by their own outro, without a fight.

S1:E16 - The Peoples, Court

Comedian Court Hansen drops by the studio to discuss influences in comedy and improv but the boys quickly get into tangents. CJ, again tries to create a new segment to little fanfare. BK finds another friend with the same dream. Also..NO REOCCURRING BITS!

S1:E15 - Don't Unsubscribe

It's the first recorded episode of the new year and in classic fashion, the boys go HAM. "Unspoken" gets racy, "Looking Back" may be a repeat and the guys discuss their secrets for future success of the show. All under the duress of pneumonia! We're Sorry.

S1:E14 - The Wonder Year

A new year means all new tangents! The guys discuss friendships lost, upgrading the studio and hopes for 2014. Unspoken turns theraputic, Looking Back sparks debate between ninja raps and the boys close out the show..with a little help from their friends.

S1:E13 - A Drink to the Past

Coming at you "solo", The Boys start things off slow then after a short vodka break, explode with comedic genius. For the third time BK alienates his family, "Unspoken" makes its triumphant return and a sneak preview of an unrecorded episode. Voices.

S1:E12 - Forever Fast, Forever Fruious

The Boys welcome fabled producer and friend Neil Douglas to discuss his south african roots and his group 5th Bar Drop. Neil delivers an exclusive single off the unreleased album, new friendships are discussed and then tragic breaking news rocks the show.

S1:E11 - The Danadu Conspiracy

Grab your tin foil hats! A conspiracy theory is revealed questioning whether Dan Harmon and his band of misfits are listening. Returning to nerd form The Boys discuss the Next Gen Console War and the dudes dip their toes into the world of stand up comedy 

S1:E10 - Straight Off The Dome

Join us as the boys lead you through a spooktacular episode filled with horror and delight! Horror flicks, scary stories and a Halloween edition of "Unspoken". A past mystery is brought up with "Looking Back" followed by a heartfelt thank you to the fans.

S1:E9 - The Magic of Honeybear (PT 2)

In part 2 of  "The Magic of Honeybear", the gang gets real. "Looking Back" provides a wiki to Coheed and Cambria, tensions rise when debating the coolness of Daryl Dixon and the finest harmonizing you'll hear on a podcast. Join us for the epic conclusion!

S1:E8 - The Magic of Honeybear (PT 1)

What happens when you put the Magic of Honeybear between Two Kings. Witness their first on air skirmish over dirt pools, orgy domes and one man's word. Unspoken journeys to a galaxy far far away. And more on part one of this two part event.

S1:E7 - Two Kings

The new shortest episode of the friendship podcast features: Pro Audio Enhancements, an "Unspoken Conversation" with Sonic and Tails, CJ tries to find his voice and new and continued beef is discussed, all leading up to a kickin' new outro.

S1:E6 - Siege The Betrayer

Records are shattered as the boys deliver the new shortest episode yet, naturally. Photographer DG Freeman stops by for their first interview to discuss The Burrito Thief. "Unspoken Conversations" rises from the ashes and CJ reveals his ultimate betrayal.


The Boys deliver their shortest published episode yet…their longest recorded.  Award winning editing and sound mixing bring you an unspoken "Unspoken Conversation", a tiff you might see on Real World: Roseville and a David Lynch directed "Looking Back"

S1:E4 - 80/20

The Boys release their tightest episode yet. CJ brings USDA choice beef to comedian Brian Posehn. A new bit is tested and potentially fails, co-op gaming gets a top 5 list and the triumphant return of The Bear.

S1:E3 - The Red Shell Diaries

In this episode the boys take a Quantum Leap back in time to discuss childhood best friends. Not everything is as it appears in the Mushroom Kingdom on this weeks "Unspoken Conversations" and then abruptly the boys take their final bow.

S1:E2 - Bustin' Heads

In the second episode the boys get serious. There's discussion of a friendship squabble. Raphael and Casey Jones have an "Unspoken Conversation" that goes south real quick. BK alienates his family, followed by a very poetic "Looking Back"

S1:E1 - Jabroni Fest

 In the Debut episode of The Friendship Podcast BK and CJ attempt to dissect friendship with no results. There are unspoken conversations and they take a moment to look back. Also…The Bear.