TFP On Facebook!: For that extra friend goodness!

TFP on Tumblr!: Kind of like our first girlfriend. We'll always love you.

Sacramento Podcasters: A group dedicated to collecting all of the wonderful podcasts produced out of the Sacramento area.

STAB!: A delightful podcast recorded live in front of real human beings for humorous consumption featuring Jesse Jones and John Ross! Jesse appeared in Episode 61: Jam Slam

The Modest Podcast: A podcast hosted by B Unit alums Chris R and Ricky (featured on Episode 22 "Protocast"

Epic Tiki: Home to Luke Soin and Company's funny ass sketches. (featured on Episode 41: Dingholes)

An Idiot's Array: A Youtube show covering all things Conventions, Cosplay and more! (featured on Episode 40: An Array of Friendship)

The Bourbon Babes: A group of babes devoted to the spirit of the bourbon. Lindsey and Allison appeared on the show to explain they are NOT an organization.. even though Cj has his suspisions. (featured on Episode 42: Bourbon and Friends)

Calm Eddy LLC: Not quite sure what to make of this, but they are not the singularity. Members Ed and Bill appeared on Episode 34: Bramble Ramble

Belligerently Uninformed: Belligerently Uninformed is a podcast hosted by Sacramento area comedians Stephen Furey and Emma Haney. With cool segments like Facebook drafts, hot cat piss, news, and other really cool things. (also featured on Episode 39: Put You In My Playlist

Serious Talk. Seriously: Funny, thought-provoking, and improvised, “Serious Talk. Seriously.” is a conversational interview with Sacramento’s movers and shakers. A new episode posted every Tuesday.

Rankin and Junior: Another dope podcast from mastermind Junior Bruce about movies and shit, ya'll.

The Grand MacGuffin: One of Cj's oldest friends has a podcast with guys who may be just be radio frequencies. Their voices sound THAT GOOD! FFO: movies and shit. (featured in Cj's childhood, deal with it)

Best There Is Comics and Games: An awesome comic/game shop located in Roseville, CA! Cj goes there abunch so go play Magic with him already and buy their stuff!!!

B-Squad: Soldiers of Misfortune: A kick ass local comic created by Eben E.B Burgoon, lettered by Michael Finn. (featured on Episode 30: Friendship Squad)

Birdstrike Theater: A improv troupe from Davis, CA featuring Court Hansen! (featured on Episode 16: The Peoples, Court)

5TH BAR DROP: Because one drop isn't enough! DJ Group featuring TFP's very own musical producer, Neil Douglas (featured on Episode 11: Forever Fast, Forever Furious)

NAMONWORKS: Paintin' and shit! Home to the work of local artist Namon Little (featured on Episode 20: Staying Firm in the Rain)

Mike V's Youtube Channel: Hilarious videos from local comedian Mike V (featured on Episode 27: Hella Confident)

Concert Pipeline: Like music? Like interviews? THEN LIKE THIS!

Sacramento Comedy Spot: A great local comedy venue that offers classes, shows, open mic and more! (featured mainly in Season Two because Cj's interning there, go mess with him!)