Episode 132: New Chair Champions

FINALLY, THE GUYS… HAVE COME BACK… to the actual studio. Nothing less than the best in this episode straight from Studio A; hot topics include BK’s Spooky Story Time, a brief update on Quest for the Cocktail and lil’ soundboard spice throws BK off his game. 

Episode 131: Targeted Ads from God

We’ve all thought about it, the dudes are just bringing it to the forefront! Getting back into the normal, TFP-swing of things the guys decide to tackle some tough and exciting issues such as BK never listening to stuff he does for the show, the term “Stan” showing up everywhere and how Hawkeye should probably stick to shooting people with arrows. After the smallest Vodka Break in TFP history, BK sits down with Alaskan Bush People star Gabe Brown to chat about his life in Alaska much to Cj’s delight/dismay.

Episode 130: Have It Your Way

BK officially climbs back into that comfortable co-pilot position as the boys dive deep into a solo you know only they could create! The fellas chat about how BK’s European jaunt, Cj gets weirdly self-defeating in an upbeat kind of way and they debate the lyrics of a song both have heard many times before. Of course, it wouldn’t be a TFP episode without games and this new one definitely fits within the wheelhouse of these two friendly fiends!

Episode 129: Friendslacking

Seriously, we don’t even know how this is happening but another insightful take of friendship is had when Cj welcomes comedian/Forefather of Beercasting/friend of the show Ben Rice to help helm the co-hosting duties while BK remains away. They dive into making friends further down the road and the feelings it brings when trying to do the right thing. Just when they start getting into a groove, a surprise guest shakes everything up!

Episode 128: Blinded by the King

BK is officially off the airwaves and it has Cj in his feelings! To help adjust, he brings his one of the founding members of B-Unit as well as one hell of a guy, Chris R from The Modest Podcast to help in co-hosting duties! Surprisingly, the fellows dive deep into their own personal friendship history as well as what it feels like when certain bonds begin fading away. A special guest calls in from far away and it’s a Jablinski affair in the land of “Shortcuts”.

Episode 127: Spoilers from Us

Just to be absolutely clear, the title is just as it sounds WE TALK ABOUT THE MOVIE “Us” SO THERE ARE SPOILERS. Outside of that, the guys decide to try to actually talk about friendships and the different kinds we gravitate towards in our daily lives before diving into the same old dumb stuff they normally talk about. They try to do voices (again) to some pleasant surprises and we get a small backstory into Cj’s game retail history.

Episode 126: A Stab At Friendship

We know it’s been awhile and we’re sorry for leaving you but the good news is… WE BACK, BABY! Recorded LIVE at the STAB! Comedy Theater at the 1st annual Sacramento Podcast Festival, the titans of friendship grip their microphones tightly and prepare to deliver the funny daily and nightly! BK’s dream becomes a nightmare as an old staple comes back in full force, the dudes adjust to having to deal with an actual audience and “Looking Back” makes Cj cringe, like real bad.

Episode 125: Boiz Noize

This is it! The finale episode of Season 5 is here and you best believe your favorite internet friends are coming mad correct. Cj and BK are joined by podcast mainstay Russell “Honeybear” to catch up with the dudes about all things Russell as well as putting an ancient grudge to rest! On top of that, the group delivers a very strange and possibly concerning dream, courtesy of BK. WE OUT THIS THANG!

Episode 124: New Year, New Us

Or at least that’s what the guys are telling themselves. The first episode of 2019 and something seems slightly off in the famed Friendship Studio, almost as if something else entirely is going on behind the microphones. Outside of that, the homies discuss what they’d like to achieve content wise in the new year and somehow end up talking about juggalos. 

Episode 123: Jing Jing Jingalin'

It’s that special time of year once again where friendship towards our fellow man is the mission and these two FBI are determined to bring that spirit right! Everything is holiday coated, Cj almost alienates his family and stuck on not being able to decide on a game the boys end up writing the greatest holiday movie ever! Bonus content at the website, friends!!

Episode 122: The Coziest One

Choose to believe or not but they legitimately had no choice. A forgetful intern at Siegetrain Productions forces the boys into Studio B A.K.A Echo Base and into yet another… comfy cozy episode. Determined to shake the stigmata surrounding these types of episodes they dive into off-the-wall topics such as adapting Captain Planet around Bruno Mars, wether or not they’d participate in the early stages of commercial space travel and a round of “Shortcuts” is played that honestly could have gone on forever.

Episode 121: A History In Pop Punk

The guys are joined this week by returning champ and recently minted small business owner Jesse Jones of "STAB!" fame. They chat about the joys and challenges in setting up another haven for local comedy with the opening of STAB! Theater  as well as Cj making a pretty amazing analogy comparing it to others spot. In classic "Jam Slam" fashion, they bust out not one but TWO rounds of "Slangin' Grades". We boolin' out here!

Episode 120: Scream to Meme

5 away from the finale and the dudes are already full of anticipation! Homies supreme drop their opinions on the cheeky film "The Meg", dive into the History of Memes and go a round of "Slangin' Grades" even though BK objects to the word! After that, Cj becomes mildly triggered when BK doesn't recall reworking "Unspoken Conversations" but from the ashes come... "Unspoken Frustrations"!!!

Episode 119: Shockspooktoberfest

It's that spooky-ooky time of year the dudes ain't shy about talkin' about it! They chat it up about previous Halloween memories (and someone alienates his family), how modern television will soon be all reality shows and like an phoenix rising from the ashes, "Unspoken" comes back but... is a little different. Happy Halloween ya ghouls!

Episode 118: BK Unleashed

Another classic episode which means a whole lot of bullshitting! Cj commits to the bits "old school" style much to the surprise of BK, the guys talk about new business such as how've they been. As always, a new game is brought into the fold and one of the besties keeps second guessing himself.

Episode 117: 2 Comf

You’ve heard them at their chillest now hear them at their comfiest! The sequel to “Comfy Cozy”, the guys legit fall into some amazing topics such as Antivaxxers, some Jersey Shore Reunion talk and Cj rants about a situation that’s completely in his own head. They try to think of a new game but end up just getting kind of sleepy. It’s still a banger, tho.

Episode 116: The One After CrockerCon

Dudes supreme dive into their experience at the most recent CrockerCon convention at the Crocker Art Museum, as well as reminisce about past episodes and games they never can remember. After the break, they come correct with not one but TWO “Unspoken Conversations” that are so topical it’ll make your head spin. 

Episode 115: The One Before CrockerCon

The homies are lone wolves this week before heading to local Sacramento Comic Con-like experience "CrockerCon" with their Let's Play YouTube channel "Frienemies"! What does this mean for you, the loyal listener? They argue about what Fergie actually says on "I'ma Be", BK checks his emails on air and a generous offer is given to any fan wanting to come see them live at CrockerCon. Of course the boys manage to squeeze in fan favorite "Slangin' Grades" and wrap it up with a lengthy revisiting of their former ping pong glory. CrockerCon is September 13th in Sacramento, CA at the Crocker Art Museum.

Episode 114: Knack 2

Homies supreme Cj and BK are joined by local radio personality and Game Of The Year winner Nick "Big Knack 2" to talk about all things recording as well as share some laughs along the way. Other hot topics include BK bragging about getting Twitter verified, a website that rates Fairy Tales a la Rotten Tomatoes and the gang busts out a fairly lengthy and weirdly thought provoking game of "Instahandles". They also remember right away how to play it so... awesome.

Episode 113: Ward Up

The boys are joined by author Kyler Waller to talk about his upcoming book "Ward", a story set in a post-apocalyptic version of Sacramento that also happens to deal with mental illness and how's it handled in our society. While it sounds insanely serious, don't fret because your favorite internet homies make sure to remind ya'll just exactly what podcast you're listening to.