Episode 120: Scream to Meme

5 away from the finale and the dudes are already full of anticipation! Homies supreme drop their opinions on the cheeky film "The Meg", dive into the History of Memes and go a round of "Slangin' Grades" even though BK objects to the word! After that, Cj becomes mildly triggered when BK doesn't recall reworking "Unspoken Conversations" but from the ashes come... "Unspoken Frustrations"!!!

Episode 119: Shockspooktoberfest

It's that spooky-ooky time of year the dudes ain't shy about talkin' about it! They chat it up about previous Halloween memories (and someone alienates his family), how modern television will soon be all reality shows and like an phoenix rising from the ashes, "Unspoken" comes back but... is a little different. Happy Halloween ya ghouls!

Episode 118: BK Unleashed

Another classic episode which means a whole lot of bullshitting! Cj commits to the bits "old school" style much to the surprise of BK, the guys talk about new business such as how've they been. As always, a new game is brought into the fold and one of the besties keeps second guessing himself.

Episode 117: 2 Comf

You’ve heard them at their chillest now hear them at their comfiest! The sequel to “Comfy Cozy”, the guys legit fall into some amazing topics such as Antivaxxers, some Jersey Shore Reunion talk and Cj rants about a situation that’s completely in his own head. They try to think of a new game but end up just getting kind of sleepy. It’s still a banger, tho.

Episode 116: The One After CrockerCon

Dudes supreme dive into their experience at the most recent CrockerCon convention at the Crocker Art Museum, as well as reminisce about past episodes and games they never can remember. After the break, they come correct with not one but TWO “Unspoken Conversations” that are so topical it’ll make your head spin. 

Episode 115: The One Before CrockerCon

The homies are lone wolves this week before heading to local Sacramento Comic Con-like experience "CrockerCon" with their Let's Play YouTube channel "Frienemies"! What does this mean for you, the loyal listener? They argue about what Fergie actually says on "I'ma Be", BK checks his emails on air and a generous offer is given to any fan wanting to come see them live at CrockerCon. Of course the boys manage to squeeze in fan favorite "Slangin' Grades" and wrap it up with a lengthy revisiting of their former ping pong glory. CrockerCon is September 13th in Sacramento, CA at the Crocker Art Museum.

Episode 114: Knack 2

Homies supreme Cj and BK are joined by local radio personality and Game Of The Year winner Nick "Big Knack 2" to talk about all things recording as well as share some laughs along the way. Other hot topics include BK bragging about getting Twitter verified, a website that rates Fairy Tales a la Rotten Tomatoes and the gang busts out a fairly lengthy and weirdly thought provoking game of "Instahandles". They also remember right away how to play it so... awesome.

Episode 113: Ward Up

The boys are joined by author Kyler Waller to talk about his upcoming book "Ward", a story set in a post-apocalyptic version of Sacramento that also happens to deal with mental illness and how's it handled in our society. While it sounds insanely serious, don't fret because your favorite internet homies make sure to remind ya'll just exactly what podcast you're listening to.

Episode 111: Shady Bishes

Ya two favorite internet boiz are joined by Cj's old GameStop co-worker and vivd Wastelander, Summer to the show! They get all up into their friendship history while stumbling upon some new and interesting tid bits about the self proclaimed "Swag Ninja". And if that isn't enough for you, Point of Origin comes mad correct and a show wide game of "Is It A Jam?" starts soft but ends up hard.

Episode 110: Legally Spiritual

In a show first, Cj attempts to get BK to alienate his family for the hundredth time to surprising results as they discuss BK's heritage. The boys butt heads over what is and isn't "slam poetry", come up with another new game which quickly goes off the rails and BK ends the show on an ominous note.

Episode 109: Three Degrees of Siege

Cj embarks on a quest to find his own replacement to the iconic "Friendship Cocktail" which leads the boys into the dreaded.. Studio B. Perhaps a bit too comfortable, they "look back" on their humble podcasting beginnings with fond memories and take things to.. well, you should listen for yourself.

Episode 108: Graphic In Nature

The episode you may or may not have been waiting for finally arrives! Long time friend of the show and Sacramento's own Johnny "J Floor" Flores joins the guys to get all sorts of chummy! We find out what our boy Floor has been up to since last appearing on the show, get some exclusive info on the fate of "Serious Talk, Seriously" and wrap with a classic game that isn't even theirs!

Episode 107: 7th Grade Humor

The guys may be going insane... either that or they just don't know what to do with themselves anymore! On this episode they welcome themselves as guests (much to BK's delight), talk a lot about gross stuff you probably don't want to hear and they make up for last week's episode's lack of "Point of Origin" with... Point of Origin!

Episode 106: PC Pals

The guys tap into all of their internet friendship magic and pull from it a blast from Cj's past! Twitch Streamer Supreme Lulaboo "Aracely" Falula joins up with the boys to talk all sorts of things such as how amazing Cj was at tanking in World of Warcraft, insight on running a Twitch channel and does all kinds of bonding with BK! Afterwards, the homies lone wolf a round of "Slangin' Grades" because they actually forgot what they were going to do for "Point of Origin". It's a cyberweb sensation!!

Episode 105: Fiery Friendship

The homies decide to pay homage to one of their favorite YouTube shows, "Hot Ones" and attempt to do a mini Hot Ones challenge while recording! During the wing-pocolypse, they discuss if they would be friends back in middle school (and also what actually defines middle school) along with all the nostalgia that comes with it. After BK wows the audience with his razor sharp memory of childhood names, they take "Unspoken Conversation" off the shelf and breathe new life into it with some incredible nerd rage. It's a tough one!

Episode 104: Pleasantries

This week you're in for a surprise.. BECAUSE WE HAVE A GUEST! Dan Vanderpool joins the best buddies on the Internet to talk about his friendship history with Cj, Nu Metal and a shit ton of wrestling. The homies dive into a pretty impressive round of "Point of Origin" and come up with possibly the best fantasy celebrity wrestling match in the history of the world. GET IN THE PIT AND LISTEN TO THIS ONE!

Episode 103: Put Us In A Room

The guys come to a realization that they may very well be creative geniuses. Hot topics include: more discussion on "Ready Player One", both book and movie; guest episodes versus lone wolf episodes and through an impressive brainstorm session an old bit gets a brand new name. Plus we changed the outro!! (WARNING: LAST JEDI SPOILERS ARE IN THIS EPISODE)

Episode 102: You're Unsubscribed

Not just a clever title, you may actually have to resubscribe after this one! Your internet homies supreme return to "solo" form in a show minus a guest but adds in a bunch of nonsense such as BK proclaiming Season 5 as the "profresh" season, reviewing how they spent their break away from the podcasting airwaves and engage in probably the best round of "Shortcuts" ever. It's all on you, baby.

Episode 101: When The Shevan Is A Knockin

While it may have been tough getting through the last few months without your favorite Internet boys, rest assured they come back with nothing short of excellence. Season 5 kicks off real live as fan favorite Shevaun and her hubby Sean join the fellas for their usual reindeer games! "Friendship Levels" stick around for a bit, we get an update on what Shevaun has been up to since her historic appearance on the show with beautiful commentary provided by Sean. The second half of the show comes correct with a refreshing game of "Are You 'Bout It?" and BK gets filled with "holiday" spirit and gets the gang into a discussion on Upper/Downer love songs. WE BACK, BABY!!!