Episode 77: The Holiday One

These two giants of friendship find themselves smack dab in the middle of a holiday special without even knowing it! They quickly try to be the most PC podcast around and fail miserably. Favorite holiday items are discussed, "Unspoken" makes an unexpected appearance and for the last banger of 2k16, they retire an old classic.

Episode 65: Brother 2 Brother

Just when you thought BK had alienated his entire family, a new challenger enters the fray! This week the homies welcome BK's real life brother, Erik to the show to get into a whole lot of nonsense. Cj finally gets an answer as to why the mix of the show doesn't sound as good in Erik's truck, they talk about old school jock jams as well as what childhood was like for the brothers Kohler. It's a real heart-warmer of a show.

Episode 54: The Greatest Story Never Told

Hot off their most recent live event, the dudes supreme attempt to get back to some normalcy but are quickly "interrupted" by fan of the show and sister to podcast brethren Johnny Flores, Erin. Cj abruptly drops the bit and they get right into some tangents including an inside family joke that never gets explained and some other shit. The soundboard shines bright with this one.